Monday, July 21, 2008

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

We've been getting some fantastic peaches from the Farmers Market this year. Very juicy, but a little too tart for my tastes. What to do, what to do. Add agave nectar! Put it all in a teacup and eat it in a garden (any garden - peaches and agave nectar in a teacup trumps trespassing charges).

Brussels Sprouts from Vegan with a Vengeance.
I never had brussels sprouts as a child, so I don't have the aversion to them that many people do. I think anyone who claims to hate brussels sprouts should try this recipe. Vegetables should not be steamed or boiled into a mushy mess! They should be roasted and covered in garlic! And then taken to the seaside.

Adventures in Teese

I know I am several months late to this party, but I just ordered Teese a couple weeks ago. I took my time ordering it because I don't miss cheese and mozzarella was never my favorite anyway. But I am a curious lady and Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe had half-priced shipping so here we are!

Noodles and broccoli with some cheese-y sauce and a bit of nutritional yeast. I just googled "basic cheese sauce" and veganized the recipe I found. It was exciting because the sauce recipe involved making a roux. I love roux-ing! Mostly because it is a really neat looking word. And stirring is fun.

This pasta was great. I liked it even better when I added ketchup (I'm a freak, shut up) but those pictures were a bit... gross-looking, which is why there is only a spoonful of pasta in this photo. I think it would have fooled any omni, but didn't test it out because I am bad at sharing.

The first thing I made with Teese was a quesadilla. Just refried beans, sliced tomatoes, and Teese on a tortilla. DELICIOUS. Very oozy. Quesadillas are really fantastic because (a) BEANS and (b) you can toss on almost any veggie. I made some later with broccoli.

I also made cheesy mashed potatoes and a grilled cheese sandwich. And while I was very pleased with the Teese results, I think I will be even happier when they come out with a cheddar flavor.