Friday, November 7, 2008

Taco Salad

Oh, duckies, I have been shamefully neglectful of you since VeganMoFo ended. But! Election stuff! Also, general laziness! I am full of other excuses but let's move past this, shall we?

Here we have a delightful taco salad. I loooove taco salad. And while this taco salad was very, very tasty, making it was one disaster after another. First, I had to throw out my sour cream because it was moldy (I just opened it a couple of weeks ago!), then I realized that my avocado had taken a turn for the worse, and when I turned my last tomato over I saw that it was moldy.

Did I get through this tragedy? Uh, of course I did. Obviously. That's why I'm here. Anyway! I think everyone should own Yellow Rose Recipes because almost everything in there is simple and tasty. This salad was no exception. I especially liked that there was a recipe for taco seasoning, versus just buying a little seasoning packet. My modifications: when eating a single serving (so, in a separate bowl), I added salsa and crumbled up corn chips. Mmm!

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Zoey said...

Hi Stephanie,

Your salad looks delicious.

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