Monday, August 18, 2008

Sloppy Joannas

I'm not exactly a connoisseur of vegan sloppy joes but I've tried quite a few recipes and, while they were all nice, I hadn't been able to find a recipe that really delivered what I wanted. Until now!

These sloppy joes are TVP-based, which I found a little intimidating because I had never used TVP before. My worries were unfounded though, as the resulting texture and flavor was definitely superior to my previous faux-beef crumbles attempts. Plus I'm pretty sure a bag of TVP is cheaper than the crumbles.

Sloppy Joannas are also very omni-friendly. I brought some in for a luncheon at work and was (pleasantly) surprised at the end of the day when I found the tupperware nearly empty. I received several compliments - one of my omni coworkers even said that she went back for seconds.

I made a couple small changes from the original recipe: I added a couple squirts of ketchup and 2 tablespoons or so of maple syrup. I opted to only put in 8oz. of tomato sauce and skipped the cayenne pepper completely (I prefer my sloppy joes to be sweet-ish, not spicy). All in all, great vegan comfort food.

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s. mika said...

i bought fakegroundbeef today for the purpose of making sloppy joes. sometimes it gets too rubbery but whatever. look, what i'm trying to say is i like sloppy joes too. okay?