Monday, June 23, 2008

Portland Junk Food

I recently spent a week in what may or may not be the vegan capital of the world - Portland, Oregon. At the very least, it is the vegan capital of my heart. I ate quite a lot of delicious things, so I'm going to make a few separate posts. This entry is going to be devoted to the Wednesday that I ate tons of delicious junk food.

Oh, and all of my food choices in Portland were heavily influenced by Stumptown Vegans. Their reviews did not let me down!

Nachos are not a photogenic food. These were probably more attractive when the bowl was full, but I maybe got so distracted by the deliciousness of Food Fight's nachos that I totally forgot to take a picture until they were almost gone. I have been craving these nachos everyday! Nachos were not something I really enjoyed as an omnivore, but these were delicious. I don't know what they put in their vegan cheese - my guess is tears of happiness from a unicorn (freely given, not harvested). Even my cheese-loving brother thought that these were yummy.

Outside of the People's Food Co-op, there is a cute metal trailer with vintage wallpaper and vegan milkshakes/smoothies/juice inside. The guy ahead of us in line was a total jerk, which I didn't think was possible. I mean, who can be cranky when there are vegan milkshakes RIGHT THERE? Mr. Grumpypants did not dampen the mood of the guy making the drinks though. It seems like the people who work in the food carts in Portland are the happiest people on earth.

Anyway. I had the peanut butter & chocolate shake and, holy crap, it was amazing. And it didn't make me violently ill like the dairy-filled shakes of yesteryear! They were out of vegan whipped cream so my shake was a ridiculous dollar cheaper. I've never had vegan whipped cream, but I can't imagine anything that would significantly improve this shake - that's how perfect it was.

My brother had a smoothie that might have been called Sabana, I don't remember. I asked him to do a guest review so here it is: "So tasty!" Thanks, little brother!

These fries are from the Potato Champion cart. The guy working the cart further proved my point that Portland cart workers are filled with joy. He seemed to really love making fries! He was all out of pre-packaged Vegenaise, so he had to make a new cup for me and it was filled to the brim. I found that very endearing. I also had rosemary truffle ketchup, which was better than I expected but still not quite to my taste. I prefer to eat fries with a beautiful mix of Vegenaise, dijon mustard, and regular ketchup. But back to these fries! I used to say that cheese fries were my favorite food and while my tastes have become slightly more refined, I can easily say that these are my all-time favorite fries.

Herbed breadsticks and marinara sauce from Hammy's. These were good. It's really nice that they are vegan friendly. They make their own vegan parmesan, which I would have liked to try but I wasn't hungry enough for pizza. Maybe I should have asked them to sprinkle some into my hands, but I don't like to frighten the people who are making my food.

I can't think of anything else to say because I am still shocked that I ate fries and breadsticks for dinner. Because I was too full after having nachos for lunch and a milkshake in the afternoon. I think I had an Amy's burrito for breakfast. I don't eat like that! Whatever, I was on vacation, if I want to eat all of Portland's best junk food in one day then that is my prerogative!

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Jean said...

Hahaha you're so funny. I like how you write! Thanks for the review, I can't wait to try those fries. I love the vegan options and everything!