Monday, June 30, 2008

Sweet & Sara Marshmallows

I have read a lot about Sweet & Sara marshmallows, but never got around to ordering any because (a) I don't really miss marshmallows and (b) I hate paying shipping & handling. So what a lovely surprise to run across them at Whole Foods! I bought a package of the plain marshmallows, original s'mores, and peanut butter s'mores. And wow. I can't stop eating these! They taste just like I remember marshmallows tasting and are just a little more dense. I prefer the plain marshmallows to the s'mores but that's because the s'mores gave me a sugary-tummyache (maybe I should not have eaten the whole thing at once, hmm).

There are also toasted coconut marshmallows, which I am eager to try. I also want to try toasting the marshmallows. My dad put one in the microwave and it did get all puffy, so I have high hopes for toastiness.

They are kind of pricey (a 7.5oz. package is about $6) but it is definitely worth it. I was going to say that they are not an everyday treat, but then I realized that I actually have had at least one a day since buying them. I can't help it!


Luscious Librarian said...

Everything at Whole Foods is expensive. My wish is that everyone had access to a nice Farmer's Market. There is a lovely one in my area, Dekalb International Farmer's Market. You can find all kinds of healthy goodies there for cheap.

Stephanie Anne said...

I go to the Farmer's Market in my town and while it is really lovely, it is pretty small and only open for a couple months. I'm currently working on moving to Portland, OR and part of the reason is that they have huge Farmer's Markets almost all-year-round. I'm definitely looking forward to giving less of my money to Whole Foods.