Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 7: Vegan Love

This entry isn't about food, it's about how awesome it is when your friends go vegan.

My most darling friend, the dazzling Jenni Crowley, went vegan a month ago. I maybe threw my hands in the air and did a little dance and squeal when she told me. This was really wonderful for me because I don't have any vegan friends (or even vegetarian friends. Or... friends at all. Whatever!) and it's nice to have someone to get food-nerdy with, even if she lives 850 miles away (the world is a cruel place, children).

Jenni just started a blog: Jennicakes. It's in its very beginning stages right now, but she will be writing adorable things and also about her adventures of going to school for baking and pastry arts.Here is a picture of us back in May. I'm on the left, making crazy eyes. She's on the right, making wonky eyes. Hooray for vegan friends!


seitanismymotor said...

Congratulations Jenny! You both rock.
Now I am off to check out Jenny's blog.

Kati said...

Aww that's so nice! Good for Jenny!

evestirs said...

very cool!