Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 30: Hash Browns

Everyone likes hash browns (quite frankly, I refuse to acknowledge anyone who doesn't). However, hash brown lovers can be pretty fairly split into two camps: shredded or diced. While shredded is okay, it also always reminds me of greasy dinners and ensuing tummyaches. Diced hash browns win it hands down for me. These are the hash browns I grew up with and would look forward to on lazy Sunday mornings. The only difference is that now they're fried in olive oil instead of butter.

Recipe for my perfect hash browns: Bake russet potatoes (other potatoes are fine, but russets are "authentic" or whatever). Peel and dice potatoes. Fry! Hash browns should be a dark golden brown (I like 'em crispy). Slather in chili sauce and devour. If there are leftovers, you have failed.


Mihl said...

This looks so good!

lazysmurf said...

where are you from? I thought that diced potatoes were home fries and hash browns were always shredded, but maybe that is just in the south?